Decorative Bird Feeders & Insect Habitats

Welcome your winged friends with decorative bird feeders, bee houses, and insect habitats in lovely designs. Choose from nourishing suet bird feeders in addition to tube feeders appropriate for all types of seed. Attract bees to your garden with a mason bee house right on your patio. Homeowners will love attracting colorful songbirds to perch along a deck, amidst garden beds, and along tree trunks out in the yard.

Our bug hotels and metal bird feeders for sale come in various designs with attractive finishes like oil rub bronze, copper Verdi and French bronze. Products classified as suet bird feeders will have best results when mounted near or on a tree, but all decorative bird feeders can be applied to a garden hook, porch overhang, or the like. Fill with seed often to lure favorite birds back during all seasons.

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Delight in our bee houses and metal bird feeders for sale and the lovely avian life they attract to your home. This collection of insect habitats and decorative bird feeders includes pretty perches in various designs, including popular suet bird feeders for easy access to highly nourishing seeds. All designs are made from quality-grade metal or wood and come with different finish options to suit all outdoor palettes.

Attract the attention of blue jays, cardinals and various small songbirds with decorative bird feeders to hang along a porch, deck or patio. Tube feeders also work well hanging from a gazebo overhang or dangling from a pretty garden hook. Our suet bird feeders for sale may be mounted anywhere throughout a landscape, although suet feed gets the best results when presented near a tree. This proximity is most familiar to the cling feeders that prefer suet.

When mounting any type of metal bird feeders, best practice is to have them at least five feet above the ground and somewhat removed from areas with heavy foot traffic. Slight distance from people will allow birds to feed in confidence and peace. Use our decorative bird feeders for sale in plain view of a living room, dining room or kitchen window to enjoy the sights while doing the dishes, eating dinner or reading a magazine.

All metal bird feeders are superior, outdoor-rated products intended for display outside. Finishing options will vary per style but include attractive tones like French bronze, copper Verdi and oil rub bronze. In the suet bird feeders, design details are primarily worked into the sides of the feeder. Enjoy our decorative bird feeders for sale in tube format have detailing on the roof of the container.

Refill the decorative bird feeders often to continue attracting feathered friends. Once accustom to a food source, particular birds are known to return to a familiar spot season after season to reap the benefits. In colder climates, our metal bird feeders for sale are especially attractive during the winter months when food sources dwindle. Keep them stocked with nourishing suet and other bulky seed mixes to keep lovely birds coming back for more!