Decorative Birdcages, Birdhouses & Insect Hotels

Enjoy the look of a vintage birdcage planters placed atop a table, ledge, or countertop. Lovely for indoor or outdoor display, these decorative birdcages are modeled after antique designs. Admire their rustic charm on a three-season porch, patio table, or in a living room alcove. Smart silhouettes and attractive finishes are sure to delight anywhere. Decorative birdcages are lovely as is and also make great display cases. Use lovely birdcage planters for your favorite potted plants, or create a faux nest complete with figurines. A vintage birdcage is also an elegant tabletop decoration for events including weddings, baby showers and business luncheons.

In addition to cages, we are excited to bring you a unique collection of decorative birdhouses made from natural materials like wood, twigs, and moss. They are the perfect future home for small feathered friends like wrens, finches, and tanagers (to name a few!). These bird shelters go hand-in-hand with our offering of decorative mason bee houses for sale (below). These insect hotels attract all the right, beneficial bugs to your garden, such as solitary bees and other varieties pollinators.

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Vintage Style Birdcage Planters

Embellish spaces with vintage-inspired decorative birdcages and get a touch of irresistible charm. Modeled after vintage birdcage designs, each enclosure features a unique combination of silhouette, materials and finishes. With styles made from arrangements of metal, glass and wood, find the right look for any home. Use inside or outside, as is or transformed into birdcage planters - whatever your pleasure. Each of the decorative birdcages featured online at WindowBox holds a host of possibilities. Add to interior decor atop a foyer table, living room alcove or displayed as a dining room centerpiece. With vintage birdcage planters, it's easy to get creative: display favorite potted flowers, bird figurines or treasured family heirlooms and keepsakes. The same goes outside on patio tables, exterior ledges, front steps and more. Create birdcage planters using a variety of different plants and flowers. Home decorators choose everything from climbing vines to small floral arrangements. Or, turn decorative birdcages into display cases for faux bird's nests and figurines. And during various holidays the enclosures make a lovely spot for seasonal decor like Christmas bulbs, Easter eggs or festive fall gourds, squashes and maple leaves.

Birdcage Materials & Decorating Ideas

Each of the decorative birdcages featured above is made from a unique combination of materials. Wood, metal, wire and glass are made into charming base and cloche arrangements, and also a chic lantern design. Borrowing from the look of vintage birdcages, each style has rustic charm with the benefit of newness. No restoration required. Enjoy the look of a vintage birdcage planters in different colors and finishes, each brimming with personality. On a patio table, the Small Red Birdcage Planter makes a handsome centerpiece. And its wire cloche makes the ideal enclosure for climbing plants. For a chic entryway accent simply place on a foyer table with a colorful pillar candle underneath.

Sting-Free Backyard Bees Pollinate Garden Plants

Attract backyard bees - STING FREE! Mason bees are solitary bees that are gentle; their mission in life is pollination. Each one of these pollinating powerhouses has the, BEE power of 100 honey bees' work. Create your own pollinator garden with one of the attractive mason bee houses, insect hotels, or bug habitats online at! Each insect hotel we offer is small enough to fit on virtually any patio or balcony and can be hung from trees or on freestanding posts in the back or front yard. Explore our garden pollinators products or give us a call for assistance choosing the right item for your home.