Garden Clocks & Outdoor Thermometers

Tell time and temperature outside with garden clocks and thermometers in unique, attractive designs. Our assortment of outdoor clocks and thermometers features favorite themes like wildlife and golf, in addition to other decorative motifs. Choose a garden thermometer, clock, or combine both, to enhance exterior wall spaces with a functional and attractive accent.

Garden clocks and thermometers are made from quality-grade aluminum and come in an array of alluring finishes like French bronze, moss green and antique copper. Products are fully assembled and tested prior to delivery, and come with hanger hardware and instructions. One AA battery included in purchase.

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Enjoy lovely garden clocks as well as outdoor clocks and thermometers to display along exterior walls. The outdoor clocks and thermometers featured online at Windowbox are not only a decorative accent, but also fully functional tools. Each product will give an accurate display of time or temperature, respectively, while adding a charming accent to a porch, patio or walls that run alongside garden beds.

Each of the garden clocks and thermometers features a unique design or theme. From wildlife and sports, to grapevines and ivy, an array of tastes are represented. All outdoor clocks and thermometers are made from high-grade aluminum in various finishes. Depending on the product style, finish options can include antique copper, French bronze, verdigris, moss green, antique terra cotta, blue stone, antique black, and others. All are rust-free.

All outdoor clocks and thermometers are designed for durable outdoor use. Prior to delivery, products are fully assembled and tested to ensure they arrive ready to be displayed. Garden clocks feature high-torque, ultra-sensitive, radio-controlled movement with a manual adjust feature. This makes for superior, precise time keeping, even in an exterior environment. Each garden thermometer is designed for similar precision and temperature readings are clearly displayed in degrees Fahrenheit - a nice reference for gardeners who like to keep an eye on the weather.

Choose outdoor clocks and thermometers from a range of sizes and designs to suit your outdoor style. Dog fanatics, hunters, golfers and nature lovers will all find motifs to embody their life's passions. There are also celestial and garden-inspired designs to look lovely in any outdoor space.

A garden thermometer is a great tool to have along a pool deck, gazebo or above a gardening bench to refer to the day's low and high temps. Glance at it on your way to the mailbox in the morning and again during the day to note temperature changes right from your front yard. Similarly, garden clocks are a charming way to keep track of time with dirty hands from toiling in the soil.

Garden thermometer and clock purchases come with hanging hardware, product instructions and one AA battery.