48x24 St. Lucia Outdoor Privacy Panel - 80% Privacy Rating

48x24 St. Lucia Outdoor Privacy Panel - 80% Privacy Rating


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Product Description

Featuring an 80% privacy rating, the St. Lucia Outdoor Privacy Panel measures 48" x 24" and can be used as a privacy fence screen, as front or backyard d├ęcor or to create shade on your otherwise sunny balcony or deck.

  • Moderate privacy, allows sunlight to filter through 20% of the panel design
  • Made from sustainable, natural timber
  • Paintable using any Low VOC water-based seal, stain or paint finish
  • Leave unfinished for a naturally rustic patina
  • Use a single panel or assemble multiple panels to create a larger structure.

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Product Overview

Reclaim Your Yard

Whether you have nosy neighbors or the neighborhood cats torment your dog at the fence line, the 48" x 24" St. Lucia Outdoor Privacy Panel offers a unique - and beautiful - solution to front and backyard privacy issues. This bungalow style privacy fence screen is made from sustainable hardwood and can be painted to match your exterior or left in its natural state. You can use these environmentally-friendly screens as cover ups for your current fencing, as a method of extending the height of your current fencing, or use multiple panels to create a privacy fence or enclosure of your own design. The DIY project possibilities are endless!

Enhance Your Deck

The St. Lucia privacy deck screens are ideal for any shape or size space, indoors or outside. Add privacy to your deck or use them as exterior accent pieces. Paint the reed-like motif in a lime green for a splash of modern or go with dark brown for a more subdued look. Line your deck railing, flush, with multiple panels, or cut them to accommodate existing architectural features or work around light fixtures. The St. Lucia design offers 80% blockage which means you can see out, but passersby have to work pretty hard to see in. And because of the style of this tropical bamboo-like pattern, the screens lend themselves well to anchoring hanging small planters and hosting climbing plants and ivy. Check out our collection of fade-resistant artificial plants for a zero-maintenance display that lasts.

Enjoy Your Space

With privacy screen fencing you can enjoy your outdoor space without feeling like you are sharing it with the entire neighborhood. Dance how you want, eat and drink what your want and entertain how you want, with all with a relaxed, peaceful mind. Buy balcony dividers and privacy screen panels online or call us toll-free for assistance finding the best screen for your space: 1-888-427-3362

Additional Information

Additional Info

Get this look: Craft a calming backyard retreat with these nature-inspired, easy-to-install wooden panels.
What you'll need:

  • 16 St. Lucia 48" x 24" panels*
  • Low VOC water-based sealant or stain (optional; protects against aging)
  • Paint brush, roller, or spray gun (optional)
  • Galvanized screws, nails, or (for metal applications) pop rivets
  • Screwdriver or hammer

*Amount of panels based on visual representation of fence in photo.

Easy install steps:

  1. Optional: Apply sealant or stain to both sides of each panel with two or more light coats. Let dry.
  2. To create one or more cutouts (for clearance or decorative purposes) in the panel design, measure and cut one or more panels to the desired size.
  3. Fasten panels to fence using fasteners placed at 12" intervals around each panel's border (minimum 10 fasteners per panel), and keeping the pattern consistent, until all sixteen panels are installed.
Ships In 5-7 Business Days
Product Dimensions 48" x 24"

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