Garden Statues

Add character to your garden with a charming garden statue. Garden statues are a fun way to individualize a landscape and make a statement. Peeking out from plants and flowers, they surprise and delight everyone who sees them.

Our outdoor garden statues for sale are each designed for durable, exterior display. Materials utilized and guidelines for care may vary per garden statue design. These pieces are great to incorporate in and amongst flowerbeds or container garden arrangements. Indeed, garden statues have that extra something special to make yours a memorable outdoor wonderland.

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Get a kick out of our outdoor garden statues for sale and all that they bring to curb appeal. At Windowbox, we supply attractive and memorable garden statue designs to suit even the most discerning eye. Products are also affordable and durable, making for an economical and lasting outdoor accent.

Garden statues have come a long way in terms of design and visual appeal. Styles like the Ceramic Toadstool garden statue set hold on to a whimsical history while propelling the design into more of a contemporary place. In other words, these pieces can find relevance in all types of yards, flowerbeds and container gardens. Outdoorsy types just love the ability to incorporate other pieces of decor for an extra pop of personality.

Choose from our outdoor garden statues for sale in brilliant colors and shapes. Many of our gardeners find it interesting to incorporate figurines and statuettes on ground plots to diversify the visual aesthetic. Just like your interior houseplants are displayed alongside other decorative decor, a garden statue helps to shake things up a bit. It gives the eye something exciting - and perhaps a bit unexpected - to focus on.

Windowbox makes buying easy! Shop our outdoor garden statues for sale online by simply clicking on individual products above to investigate product materials and dimensions. Knowing where you will place outdoor garden statues ahead of time is a good way to determine appropriate sizing. Or just let your eye roam and land on whatever captures the most attention. As all growers know, sometimes the best surprises come in the most unexpected of packages.

Each garden statue we supply is a quality, outdoor-rated product. Gardeners love to 'plant' them amidst all types of blooming flowerbeds, green plants and grasses. Designs like the Ceramic Toadstool Spring trio are an interesting way to pop exotic colors into a mix of green vines or grasses. They also add a little bit of vertical dimensions where growth lies flat to the ground or hangs down over the edges of a planter, pot or window box. However you envision them, our outdoor garden statues for sale make a memorable outdoor decoration!