Garden Trellis Collection

A flower trellis makes your garden to grow up, literally. And not only does an outdoor trellis help climbing plants and vines to reach skyward, it will also add interesting depth to your planting. Our garden trellises come in various styles including a decorative topiary trellis for pots, a planter and trellis combination, and also a freestanding design for leaning against a wall or mounting along a vertical railing. Clematis, azalea and others are sure to grow and flourish.

Garden trellises from Windowbox are available for convenient online purchase and ship directly to your door. Please click on individual flower trellis styles below for more details.

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Garden trellises are a simply stunning addition to any outdoor repertoire. Choose from one of our flower trellis designs including round topiary trellis designs for pairing with your favorite garden pots. Windowbox also features an outdoor trellis and planter combination for easy arrangements of annuals and perennials on a backdrop of clematis, climbing rose or Boston ivy.

All of your favorite climbers and vines will find a home on outdoor trellis designs, and smaller plants with a tendency to wind upward find new twists and turns along one of our topiary trellis styles. Garden trellises make a timeless addition to front porches and patios and also open up a new world of plant choices. Try an outdoor trellis with one of the various types of clematis or branch out into wisteria, Virginia creepers and honeysuckle. Depending on the climate in which you live and exposure to certain elements like wind, different types of climbing flowers and vines may work better than others.

A flower trellis in the most traditional sense is typically made from wood with interwoven pieces. Sweet peas, grapevines and different types of ivy all make their homes on tall garden trellises creating a living wall of vibrant color, shapes and textures.

For a more contemporary spin on the classic flower trellis, our topiary trellis styles are a fun and versatile option. Designed to pair with your favorite round pots, these are a natural complement to terra cotta pottery or other rustic designs. Named the Crown Trellis for the regal shape it creates atop round pots, these outdoor trellis designs are easy to assemble and create a natural place for plants to grow upward. Those plants and flowering vines that like something to wind around will find an immediate source of vertical inspiration here.

Each of the garden trellises featured in the above category is an outdoor trellis rated for exterior use. The topiary trellis styles are made from metal materials that have been given slightly worn finishes for a charming, antiquated look. Our wood garden trellises are easy to paint or stain to match any desired color palette. Whatever style you prefer, a lovely flower trellis awaits online at Windowbox.