Diamond Moss Garden Obelisk

Diamond Moss Garden Obelisk


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Product Overview

Ancient Egypt meets Old World France in the design of the Diamond Mossy Garden Obelisk. This four-sided metal frame has the shape of a traditional obelisk, which the Ancient Egyptians believed drew power to those who possessed it. The top of the frame bears a finial in the shape of the fleur de lis, the symbol of the former French monarchy's wealth and power. A true tour de force in design, this durable, all-weather obelisk is covered with lush green moss for a very handsome effect. The obelisks are lovely when used on their own, in pairs of equal height or as a trio in different dimensions.

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Diamond Moss Garden Obelisk 52"H

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Diamond Moss Garden Obelisk 39"H

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 52"H or 39"H Base measures 9"L x 9"W

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