Garland Ivy Trellis

Garland Ivy Trellis


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Product Description

The Garland Ivy Trellis adds decorative appeal to your garden while providing a healthy medium for your climbing plants to thrive. Decorative and functional appeal packed into one useful garden accessory!

  • Measures 36" wide by 86" high
  • Metal with a black powder coat finish
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Use with ivies, flowering vines, fruit or vegetable plants

Product Overview

Why go strictly function when you can opt for functional and attractive? With this large iron trellis you get both: beauty and utility. Pick those creeping vines and spreading vegetable plants up off the ground and help them to thrive as they reach toward the sun with this lovely Garland ivy trellis. You can create a stunning visual display by placing those sprawling plants right at eye level on this beautifully scrolling trellis. For indoor or outdoor use, this classic black trellis is easy to install via the spiked legs, giving your garden or patio an instant upgrade.

Reminiscent of Baroque design, the Garland ivy trellis features an elegant scrollwork motif. Both whimsical and romantic, this design features a perfectly symmetrical set of s-curves, swirls, and loops that mirror the natural formation of spreading vines. Over seven feet in height, this trellis provides plenty of points for vine tendrils to grasp on as your plant grows. Each garden trellis is coated with a sleek black powder coat finish. This timeless finish also keeps your trellis protected from the elements, no matter how wet or dry your environment.

Not just for ivy, this lattice trellis design is perfect for any type of crawling, sprawling, or meandering plant you choose, including flowers like roses, Bougainvillea, and Clematis, vegetables and fruits like squashes, tomatoes, and berries, or climbing vines like hops and honeysuckle. Since this iron trellis can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, it is also a way to display your beloved houseplants. Rather than vines listlessly draping over the side of a hanging basket, you can display your potted plants in vertical style by mounting this trellis against an interior wall allowing them to grow up it. Indoor climbing plants include pothos, wandering jew, indoor ivies, and summer flowering jasmine.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions 36"W x 86"H

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