Carmela Trellis

Carmela Trellis


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Product Description

  • Metal Garden Trellises for indoor or outdoor use
  • Decorative and functional garden accessory
  • Use to grow flowering vines like Jasmine and Bougainvillea

Product Overview

If you want to make a statement in your garden without saying a word, this trellis definitely has a lot to say. Ornate curlicues and strong lines combine to create a design that is both elegant and efficient. Your plants and flowers will thrive as they attempt to gain new ground on this intricate pattern. Made from durable and sturdy metal, the trellis has a black powder coated finish, practically insuring that the trellis will stand up from one season to the next regardless of the elements. Its legs have spikes on their ends that will grip into the surrounding ground, making the trellis even sturdier. And you can use each trellis separately and create unique, individual displays of different plants and flowers throughout your yard, or you can easily snap several together and create a wall or divider for added outdoor privacy. They are also available in two sizes, one stands at almost 5 feet 5-1/2 inches while the other is almost 7 feet tall. This provides plenty of room to create stunning displays that place your prized plants in a positive position. Once ordered, the trellis ships usually in three to four business days.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions 22"W x 65.5"H

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