Outdoor Benches & Furniture

Add garden furniture to landscapes for a taste of true outdoor living. A metal and wood garden bench planter can provide the perfect perch for gardeners to rest upon and reflect, or provide additional work space to pot and prune. All outdoor garden benches for sale are made with weather resistant finishes to ensure lasting beauty.

This collection of garden benches for sale features designs made of metal, cedar and sustainably harvested eucalyptus. Wood benches made of eucalyptus are coated in polyurethane paint and metal designs are given a rust resistant powder coat. A combination of superior materials and weather resistant finishes equips garden furniture with a lovely look that's impressively resilient.

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Make the most of outdoor living with exquisite patio and garden furniture. Online at Windowbox, we've assembled a stunning selection of outdoor garden benches for sale to suit any landscape. And each design is constructed out of naturally resilient materials for durable, lasting displays.

Adding outdoor furniture, like a garden bench planter, is a charming way to dress up exterior ambience. A garden bench planter can be made of metal or wood and have been around for ages. Although, the designs nowadays prove to be the most resilient we've ever seen. Like our wood benches made of sustainably harvested eucalyptus: The material's natural properties allow the creation of intricate back rest designs while modern polyurethane paints yield polished finishes that add practical weatherproofing. Combined aesthetic and functional appeal makes for outdoor living at its best.

An outdoor garden bench planter can make an enjoyable statement piece right in the garden, along hardscape walkways, at the edge of a pond, and out in the lawn under a dramatic archway. Flank the edges of one of our wooden garden benches for sale with container garden arrangements or consider our selection of cedar designs with planters built right in. Cascading vines and brilliant blooming perennials make the setting all the more delightful and welcoming.

Our metal and wood garden benches for sale not only look fantastic, but they're also a favorite added workspace for gardeners. Strategically place outdoor furniture throughout a landscape so you have another surface to rest on or lay out tools and materials while you're working in the beds. After planting and pruning, take some time to appreciate Mother Nature's bounty from a pretty garden perch.

Individual garden furniture pieces vary in material construction and finish types. By clicking on products above, outdoor enthusiasts can conveniently explore different bench designs. From sustainably harvested eucalyptus, to classic metal garden benches, to a garden bench planter, you will find something here to suit any taste. And with a new seat upon which to relax and enjoy, you'll appreciate outdoor living like never before. Shop our garden benches for sale today!