Aiden's Garden Trellis

Aiden's Garden Trellis


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Product Description

  • Metal Garden Trellises for indoor or outdoor use
  • Decorative and functional garden accessory
  • Use to grow flowering vines like Jasmine and Bougainvillea

Product Overview

Aiden's Garden trellis is a geometric masterpiece. You could spend quite a bit of time taking in the intricate detail of the trellis even before you begin guiding plants to climb it. The straight lines of the trellis create rectangles, triangles and squares of various sizes, while the delicate curlicues twist and turn and create circles, hearts and other elegant shapes. Made from a sturdy metal and covered in a graphite powder coated finish, the trellis can handle the harsh weather elements and won't fall down at the mention of wind, thanks to the spikes on its legs. Once you install the trellis it's not going anywhere unless you want it to. The iron trellis is 75 inches in height, so that provides quite a bit of real estate for your plants and flowers to reach for and thrive on. Use the garden trellis as an individual item and show off your favorite plant or flower, or snap several together easily without tools and create a wall for privacy and an even larger display. Or you could leave it bare and admire its beauty.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions 31.5"W x 75"H

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