Ceramic Garden Mushrooms - Fall Fairy Garden Decor

Ceramic Garden Mushrooms - Fall Fairy Garden Decor


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Product Overview

It's easy to make your garden look fabulous, even as the weather gets crisp and cold. These ceramic garden statues have a Fall color scheme, featuring warm tones of red, yellow, green, and brown. The flecks of brown mimic spotted forest mushrooms, and the glaze protects these garden sculptures from weather damage.
Product features:

  • Freeze-proof ceramic garden statues
  • Includes 3 mushroom statues ranging 10" to 11.5"tall
  • Also available in Spring, Summer, and Winter collections

This 3-pack of mini garden decorations can be placed anywhere - from raised beds, to window boxes, to flower beds. They're small enough to fit any space or container, and with their 10-11.5" height they're still tall enough to be seen, even when placed near shrubbery or used as lawn ornaments.

Also available online, get unique fairy garden supplies like our coordinating mushroom statues that tip, and some that even chime in the breeze. Decorating your garden has never been so fun and within reach!


Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions (1) Toadstool - 11.5" tall (2) Toadstool - 10" tall

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