Ceramic Garden Mushrooms - Winter Fairy Garden Decor

Ceramic Garden Mushrooms - Winter Fairy Garden Decor


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Product Overview

Here at WindowBox, it's not about how large your backyard is, it's what you do with it! These ceramic garden statues are perfect for adding fun decorations to your yard during the frosty months. Freshen frigid landscapes and containers, or create a Winter fairy garden with these whimsical mushrooms.
Product features:

  • Freeze-proof ceramic garden statues
  • Includes 3 mushroom statues ranging 10" to 11.5"tall
  • Also available in Spring, Summer, and Fall collections

Glazed in Winter seasonal colors of white, cerulean, and blue/green hues, each set includes three decorative mushroom statues that are made of freeze-proof ceramic. Mix and match with other seasonal color sets, or change out planter decorations with the seasons for a fresh display.

Place these ceramic lawn ornaments nestled amongst greenery for a splash of color, or add throughout your plant containers for a festive look. Be sure to check out our selection of tippy and tinkling toadstools to add a bit of movement and sound to your environment.


Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions (1) Toadstool - 11.5" tall (2) Toadstool - 10" tall

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