When You Wish Upon A Garden (Gift Set)

When You Wish Upon A Garden (Gift Set)


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Product Description

The bee bottle is made of glass and has bamboo tubes to house pollinators to keep your garden healthy. Comes with felt hanger

The seed kit comes in a stainless steel tin contains: includes lavender, daisies, forget me nots, pinks, baby's breath, and sweet peas

The eight inch green planter is made of actual stone and lightweight composite resin. Also includes water minder reservoir.

Product Overview

Trying to find the perfect gardener's gift? This gift set is a great starter kit for spring! While each product is a bit different they all go together for the perfect container garden set up. Comes with the green self watering eight inch round planter and the seed kits come in tins with the seeds ready to plant. Hang the bee bottle in the same area to encourage pollination and you have the building blocks of a great little flower garden. These gift bundles come with three items and a sheet of tissue paper so that you can arrange the gift once you open the box and then display perfectly.

Additional Information

Ships In Next Business Day
Product Dimensions Bee Bottle: 3""Dia x 8""H

Seed kit: 5.5""L x 3.5""W

8 inch Round Green Planter: Top: 8"" Dia. x 8""H Tapers to 5.25"" Diameter

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