Original Kokedama String Garden Kit

Original Kokedama String Garden Kit

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Product Description

Start your very own string garden today with this original kokedama moss ball kit. This traditional Japanese gardening practice is ever-popular throughout the world, and is a great way to save space while adding beauty to your yard or home interiors. Provide your own plant or add a fragrant gardenia to your order prior to checkout.


  • Moss ball planter
  • Metal chain and hanging hook
  • Two colors of Spanish moss: grass green and natural
  • Natural jute twine
  • Potting soil mixture
  • Planting instructions

Shop string garden kits online or call us toll-free to request additional information: 1-888-427-3362
*Please note: Live plants and kokedama arrive in two separate shipments.

Regular Price: $37.97

Special Price $16.99

Product Overview

All the Miniature Garden Supplies You Need

When you have the desire to plant but you don't have the space for a traditional garden or you just don't have that kind of time to dedicate to your hobby...go small! Our miniature garden supplies will enable you to create small garden situations that are easy to maintain, don't take up a lot of space but still let you exercise your green thumb. As an added bonus a string garden lets you grow in a dish or as a hanging plant or both. You can use the space you have as efficiently as possible while still cultivating an enjoyable garden.

DIY String Garden Kit Explained

You may have seen kokedama but didn't know what they were called. Kokedama translates to "moss ball" and that's exactly what they look like. They're pieces of moss molded together into a sphere and soil or sand is placed inside them so a plant can be added. The kokedama is tied with string help hold it together and then the moss ball can be placed in a dish or suspended from string and hung. Succulents and herbs are popular for dishes while flower such as orchids or ivy plants are placed in the hanging variety. Combine the two methods and create a unique Garden that's bound to bring you joy.

Place Them Anywhere You Want Them

One of the perks of a DIY string garden, other than its beauty, is its versatility. These gardens can be set up in the smallest spaces ranging from a small ball sitting on the piano to several bottles and dishes coupled with hanging spheres to create an intimate garden environment. However you choose to create your garden its low maintenance to high beauty ratio will impress you and keep you a fan.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 6"Dia. w/14" Chain
Box: 7"Sq. x 8"H
Please note: If you choose to add a live plant to your order, it will be delivered in two separate shipments.

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