Succulent Kokedama String Garden Kit

Succulent Kokedama String Garden Kit

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Product Description

This unique off-white kokedama kit features preserved moss and comes with all of the bells and whistles you'll need to create a hanging succulent garden. Supply your own succulents or add one to your cart prior to checkout.


  • Off-white moss ball planter
  • Metal chain and hanging hook
  • Two colors of reindeer moss: coffee and mint
  • Natural jute twine
  • Succulent potting soil mixture
  • Planting instructions

Shop succulent kokedama online or call us toll-free to request additional information: 1-888-427-3362
*Please note: Live plants and kokedama arrive in two separate shipments.

Product Overview

Grown an Asian-Inspired Succulent Garden

Suspend beautiful green succulents in natural moss balls to create a breathtaking accent piece in your home or office. This Kokedama kit lets you in on the traditional Japanese secret of enwrapping plant roots in moss as an interesting alternative to traditional container gardening. The concept might sound tricky, but with our Kokedama string garden kit for succulents, it's fun and easy to create your own living work of art. If you would like to purchase a succulent for your planter select it from the dropdown menu. Succulents will ship separately.

Japanese Moss Balls Can Go Anywhere

The beauty of the Kokedama approach to gardening is that you can grow your favorite hardy succulents and other plants in any space. You don't have to have a plot of land; you don't even have to have an open surface. These planters include a 14" chain so that you can hang them from any ceiling to create a charming floating effect. Combine multiple moss balls to create a whole hanging garden. However, moss drains well, so be sure to water your plants outdoors or over a sink. You can also display your moss planter in a dish on a tabletop or shelf.

How to Kokedama

The literal Japanese translation for Kokedama is "moss ball," and when you start your moss planter you'll see why. Each kit included everything you need to create a Kokedama planter: a 6" blonde sphagnum moss planter, coffee-colored Spanish moss, mint-colored reindeer moss, and natural jute twine. To plant your live succulent, form a ball of moistened soil and sand around the rootball and place it inside the moss planter. Then tightly wrap the ball with the jute twine to compact. Water, and hang using the included chain or place in a dish.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 6"Dia. w/14" Chain
Box: 7"Sq. x 8"H
Please note: If you choose to add a live plant to your order, it will be delivered in two separate shipments.

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