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Mushroom Kits

Take the mystery out of these yummy fungi and start growing your own mushrooms with one of our mushroom kits for sale. When growing your own mushrooms, one needs a cool, moist environment. With that and the right mushroom kits it's easy to produce robust portabellas or nourishing white buttons for salads, soups and pizza.

Our mushroom kits for sale typically fruit several times per use. Depending on the variety, crops can grow back every 10-14 days or with longer periods between fruiting. A mushroom growing kit will continue to produce until all nutrients have been utilized - up to three months of flourish! Get grand heirloom portabellas, nutrient-rich blue oysters, or the ever-popular white buttons, available right at home.

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Our mushroom kits for sale to place delicious portabellas, mild white buttons and elegant blue oysters right at your fingertips. For the at-home gourmet, growing your own mushrooms is a luxury second to none. Just begin with a cool, moist environment and follow mushroom growing kit instructions to yield multiple crops of flavorful and nutrient-rich ingredients for cooking.

Growing your own mushrooms right at home or at an eatery is easy. In terms of cost savings, a mushroom growing kit is economical and saves time at the market. Each box will produce multiple crops of fruit bodies that are ready to be plucked for use in your favorite recipes. Depending on the type of mushroom, kits may be viable over a period of 3-4 months yielding multiple crops during that time. The white button kit is estimated to yield up to four pounds of mushrooms - that's a lot of vibrant additions to pizza, salad, pasta and soup!

Our mushroom kits for sale will vary in how long they take to produce the first crop. For example, the heirloom portabella begins fruiting in about 3-5 weeks and continues to bear mushrooms up to 12 weeks later. And when they fruit, oh, what a rich and nutty treasure! Even the most demanding gourmand will be impressed with the quality and flavor of the product produced by mushroom kits.

Click on individual kits above for more information on each mushroom type. Guidelines for environment and the frequency of fruiting will vary per species. All mushroom kits for sale come with the full array of necessary components to begin the process of growing that eventually leads to a luxurious product. It is quite exciting to see the first hints of a button form and expand into a mushroom worthy of any gourmet kitchen.

Creating an environment for growing your own mushrooms is simple. Just choose a garage, lower level or basement room that is cool with a slightly damp or moist air. Humidifiers may be of use in temperature-controlled homes that are running heat or air conditioning. More information is contained in our mushroom kits for sale to guide the grower on how to yield and sustain the best crop. You'll enjoy growing your own mushrooms. Just plant, harvest and enjoy weeks of fresh mushrooms right at your fingertips.