Seed Starters & Small Greenhouses

A well-planned green house nursery can bring us some of the brightest flowers and juiciest fruits and veggies we can find. Horticulture and engineering have combined to give us small patio greenhouses, indoor greenhouses, and even the long-awaited mini-greenhouse. Now anyone can engage in wanton acts of greenhouse gardening -- even apartment dwellers and college students. All you need is an electrical outlet and some counter space. Browse our seed starting kits, buy greenhouses online, and get growing!

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Greenhouses & Seed Starters

Whether you are looking for a mini greenhouse to start growing small tomato plants or larger plants and edibles, our greenhouse kits for sale will fill the bill. From a small greenhouse ideal for herbs or vegetables to backyard greenhouses perfect for growing potted flowering plants, you can now grow plants year round. In fact, winter gardening has become easy to accomplish with the help of seed starters and durable glass house structures. What's more, by using self-watering planters and plant amendments, your neighbors will be envious of your horticultural skills. And with our work bench and potting tables for sale online, you won't even have to strain to accomplish your cultivation expertise. There's no back bending or stress on the knees to prepare for planting.

The Garden Greenhouse Effect

The garden greenhouse lets you get a jump-start on the planting season. Or, you can grow a larger number of vegetables in the patio style greenhouse--vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, and other legumes year round. With nearly 6 feet of growing height, climbing vines can be easily managed when staked or trellised. Use shelves for smaller plants or even grow flowers in this easy to set up backyard greenhouse. It is easily arranged on a balcony or deck as well. For smaller cultivation items, we also have the mini greenhouse that is compact yet roomy. For an ideal greenhouse effect that lets you grow and eat vegetables during the cooler months, even urban gardeners can benefit from these variable sized hot house gardens.

Cultivation for Smaller Spaces

If you do not have access to any outdoor space, you can still cultivate with self-watering systems complete with plant amendments and specially designed container trellis gardening kits. With self-waterers, you'll enjoy up to 2 weeks of hydration depending on plant type, sunlight exposure and humidity levels in the growing environment. Complete with coconut coir fiber and mulch, each planter has incorporated in it vital minerals essential for plants. Added to that is the watering tray that offers moisture through a natural capillary wicking action critical for root systems to drink. For additional information on all things greenhouse and seed starters, please call 888-427-3362 to speak with a representative.