Growing Media & Soil Amendments

Organic gardening was once considered the province of outsiders. Today, we realize that organic gardening is safer for our plants, ourselves, and our planet. Organic gardening supplies, like insect spray, soil treatment, plant growing media, and fertilizer are now accepted as important components of a healthy garden. With a at your side, organic gardening isn't as hard as you might think. Shop our plant growing media and soil amendments for sale. It can be just as easy as using the harsh chemicals you may have used in the past. Just as easy - but much, much healthier.

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Growing Media & Soil Amendments Help Flowers Thrive

To best take care of flowers and foliage, sometimes every gardener needs a little help. Whether it's growing media, fertilizer or insect spray to keep the pests away, has numerous items that will help in growing your most robust vegetables, vivid blooms and blossoms and other items. Gardening doesn't ever have to be hard but it does take attention and amendments at times. Even organic gardens can benefit from natural fertilizers such as GrowBrownie soil treatment and coconut coir media, as they keep soil enriched and moist.

Earth-Friendly Growth Mediums for Plants

While coconut coir has been a beneficial medium keeping plants healthy for decades, it has become more readily known as an organic substrate for gardens. Popularly used as liners in pots and hanging planters, it helps sustain roots with its natural PH balance and moisture retention properties. In addition, it encourages good bacterial growth while resisting bad bacterial growth, preventing diseases, bug infestations, and fungus. Further, it can be used in lieu of self-watering reservoir systems because of its water-retaining qualities. We carry coconut coir in several sizes of fiber bricks that can be easily pulled apart for use.

Pumice and Glacial Rock: Mineral Rich Amendments

Light in weight and easy to fold directly into soil, glacial and pumice rock adds much needed minerals to nutrient-poor soil. If you have sandy, clay or otherwise barren soil, adding glacial rock dust or pumice provides essential minerals that your plants need to grow healthy and strong. Some of the most important minerals offered are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, iron and manganese. These are all vital and occur naturally in well balanced ground soil but certain parts of the country such as desert climates, flooded areas, and others need to have minerals added. We carry several different sizes that can be folded into the soil prior to planting.

It's GrowBrownie Soil Amendment Time

GrowBrownie soil amendment is a natural organic growth medium and fertilizer that adds much needed nutrients to either your garden bed or container gardening plants. It preserves PH balance in soil while adding potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, secondarily, sulphur. Available in easy-to-break-apart blocks or as "crumbles", GrowBrownie media is a must-have amendment for continuing container gardening projects.