3 Pack of Coconut Coir Fiber Bricks

3 Pack of Coconut Coir Fiber Bricks


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Product Overview

Goodbye peat moss, hello durable coco fiber bricks! When it comes to small space growing mediums, adding pH-balanced coconut husk equals a recipe for fruitful success. It's inherently breathable, moisture-savvy and 100% natural for a more stable container garden arrangement every time.

A pack of three coco fiber bricks is ideal for getting all your spring and summer arrangements off on the right foot. Simply soak blocks in water an hour before blending with potting mix (1 part husk to 2 parts soil), then add flowers and plants, topped off with a favorite organic fertilizer or compost. All-natural coconut husk yields growth that is free of plant disease, foreign seeds, weeds and fungal spores. No surprises, just results. Plus, it's more robust than peat-moss for longer lasting arrangements.


Additional Information

Additional Info

Coconut fiber aids in modern hydroponics by providing excellent drainage and structural stability. The growing media has a natural pH of 5.8-6.9 and the structure that the fibers create in your containers promotes airflow to root systems and it won't decompose as quickly as peat moss and rock wool. For bulk greenhouse orders of 650g bricks of coconut husk fibers please call toll free.

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Product Dimensions

650g; Approx. 2.5 gallons

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