Pumice Rock - 5 gallon

Pumice Rock - 5 gallon


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Enhance your growing mediums with nutrient-rich crushed pumice stone. For gardening, the things your plants want never change: excellent aeration, healthy moisture levels, balanced pH and nutrients. Garden pumice helps to add all of these ingredients for success to your growing medium recipe. Broken down igneous rocks are derived from molten materials making the material lightweight, yet robust. After adding into a potting mix, mulch or compost, the stones do not break down or rot, but rather help to keep growing mediums loose, well-aerated and free of harmful fungi, nematodes or insects. In addition, the pH is neutral, there's no fertilizer smells, and garden pumice can offer trace amounts of minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Each 5-gallon package goes a long way with as little as a 10% ratio of pumice rock doing the trick for lawn and turf, mulches, garden containers, compost, and more.


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An igneous rock, pumice stone has a neutral pH and has no smell. Pumice is considered a volcanic rock and is classified by its color and texture, and is mined worldwide. Add as little as 10% pumice rock to soil ratio and enjoy naturally regulated feedings, excellent drainage and reduced irrigation requirements by around 35%. By nature, the pumice rock for planters will deter insects, fungus and nematodes from lawn, mulches and composting.

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