Hand Tools & Gardening Tools

Is a gardener only as good as her gardening tools? Maintaining a healthy garden is no easy task if you don't accessorize properly. Once you've decided what's going to be in your garden, you'll know what kinds of hand tools for gardening you need, and we've got them all right here. Planting tulips or onions? You'll need a garden spade. Rose bushes? You'll need to prune regularly. Not sure what you need? Don't worry - check out our garden tools online and our packed kits with gardening supplies sure to cover your needs.

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Hand Tools & Gardening Tools Kits

Whether you are a master gardener or a novice, high quality gardening tools are a must. Yet if you're a beginning grower, you may not be aware of all the gardening supplies necessary to prepare for planting, let alone to maintain a healthy garden. Regardless of whether you need garden tool kits for small space gardening or require larger tools for in-ground cultivation, we have all you'll need to keep your garden thriving. One of the best ways to ensure you have essential gardening tools necessary is to know what kind of tools are needed for the kind of planting you will do. So, we've put together a basic "Tools for Gardening" list to help with the selection process.

Essential Gardening Tools Checklist

For basic yard care, the following tools are standard to keep lawn and trees looking trimmed and healthy:

  • Garden hand rakes
  • Anvil loppers (for tree trimming)
  • Garden border forks
  • Garden edging tools
  • Shovels: spade, classic hand shovel (several sizes available.)

For vegetable and flower bed gardening, you should have:

  • Traditional garden hoe
  • Border fork Garden edging tool
  • Garden tool kit that includes a trowel.

For bulbs, tubers, and in-ground planting, a reliable garden spade is essential. Plus, you'll need to turn over the ground prior to planting as part of the natural preparation process. If you don't use a tiller, or have a small plot you'll be cultivating, a good spade is a must. Both trees and rose bushes, along with other rapid growing shrubs, require anvil loppers for cutting back branches. Forks are also important to have in your "tool kit" since all kinds of vegetation requires thinning out roots even rocks, which can be more easily accomplished with a garden fork.

The Best Gardening Tools Online

All of our gardening tools sold online are made using the highest quality rust resistant stainless steel. Wood handles for spades and forks are crafted both for comfort and easy handling. They are also weather resistant to ensure longevity, with spades, shovels and forks having a split shaft for maneuverability. No matter what you require for your garden, we provide the best online gardening supplies around. For additional information on any our garden products, call 888-427-3362 for details.