DIY Flooring and Outdoor Deck Tiles

With our DIY flooring ideas, rethink and improve the look of your outdoor decking and buy deck tiles from our vast assortment of outdoor flooring tiles. Designed to make a simpler process out of outdoor decking, these solutions range in color and appearance with both contemporary and earthy focuses. You can opt for an antiquated look with something homey, laid-back, and down-to-earth. Or you can modernize an older home with outdoor tiles for patios in sleek themes and cutting-edge styles. All of our outdoor tiles are comprised from recycled plastic, wood pulp, and organic fibers, which makes them sturdier and environmentally friendly, with keener stability for long-lasting enjoyment.

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Simplify landscape surfaces with a system of DIY flooring for porches, patios, and decks. These innovative click-and-lock tiles add tons of hassle-free personality. Simply pick the preferred pieces, mix and match to your liking, and enjoy many seasons of weather and fade resistant outdoor decking.

DIY Flooring For Any Climate

Owing to a smart composite construction, our tiles come ready for virtually maintenance-free and weatherproof performance. The secret is an innovative combination of sawdust, organic fibers and recycled plastic. Together, the three outdoor decking "ingredients" produce a tile that is highly resistant to corrosion from moisture, heat and cold including mildew, cracks or splits. And forget about pest or insect infestations as composite deck flooring seems to deter the usual critter suspects.

What about fading? Composite tiles are also protected against excessive damage and color-washing from the sun's rays. Buy deck tiles with us and rest easy with a 10-year limited warranty to back material performance and color preservation.

Design Freedom For Custom Exteriors

Each outdoor deck tile is true DIY choice because of the easy snap and lock format. Buy deck tiles and outdoor tiles for patios within this product line and customers may choose any preferred combination of tiles to arrange in a desired pattern. The key is creating panels that are compatible across the board. This allows DIY'ers to mix and match as they wish - whether it's a small square mat to go under patio furniture, or a large spread to completely cover an existing surface.

Outdoor Decking For Your Lifestyle

Everyone utilizes their outdoor spaces differently. Based on your project priorities and specifications, mold DIY tiles to match the function and the aesthetic. There's unlimited freedom in how exterior deck tiles can be arranged including the colors, shapes and patterns. Want your outdoor tiles for patios to have the look of a classic stone surface? Keep the tile color and pattern uniform to create a cohesive surface. Or, mix it up with different textiles that provide a visual accent in addition to a functional outdoor surface.