Tomato Planter Boxes & Growing Supplies

You probably think growing tomatoes is really hard. Not true. With the right gardening gear and tomato growing supplies, anyone with a little dedication can buy heirloom tomato seeds and grow them at home. And you can do it without resorting to chemicals or pesticides. Just plant your tomato seeds in the right growing media, maintain soil moisture and a proper pH balance with soil meters, garden trellises and drip systems available here - give your tomatoes a little love as they grow!

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Growing Tomatoes with Tomato Growing Gear

Growing tomatoes in your backyard can provide a freshness that is incomparable to those sold in stores. Not only will they taste scrumptious. They will also provide essential, healthful vitamins and nutrients often lost in commercial growing systems. With the proper gardening supplies and some established growing practices, you'll have nice, ripe tomatoes for your dinner table in no time. You're in luck too because we have the basics to get you started, harvesting this robust fruit that has been part of the American diet for decades.

Planting Seeds or Tomato Planters to Transplant

Many begin their foray into tomato gardening by purchasing then transplanting tomato planters. But tomatoes can be grown just as easily from seeds. With our Compact Cultivating Greenhouse, plant seeds in a small container and set where sun exposure is maximized. The mini greenhouse can be zipped or unzipped and the beauty of it is that you can grow tomatoes year round. Small cherry or grape tomato varieties are best for this indoor gardening greenhouse. While they may need staking once shoots are a few inches from the soil bed, they won't grow any larger than the container they are planted in. With our Glacial Rock Dust added to the soil, your seedlings and plants will be thriving in no time. (Water liberally the first days and weeks of growth.) The mini greenhouse can also used to grow other small vegetables too.

Additional Gardening Supplies for Small Space Gardening

Additional garden supplies ideal for the urban or small space gardener includes a Self-Watering Urban Grower container and the small size Self-Watering Urban Grower with Plant Amendments. Both of these products are just right for growing lettuce indoors. The media is nutrient rich, pH balanced, and designed to maintain proper soil moisture. If growing tomatoes and lettuce outdoors, we also have Composite Raised Garden Beds and a drip system to keep plants hydrated properly. For tomatoes, check out the garden trellis on this page. Grow standard size tomatoes and stake plants easily onto the trellis back. For additional information on any of our tomato growing gear, call us at 888-427-3362 today.