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How do I grow tomatoes? What are the basics of plant care? What should I consider when designing my garden? What kind of gardening projects can I do with my kids? Can I cook from my garden? What about making natural home remedies? Is composting for me?

The Grow Guide at has everything you need to grow anything, anywhere!

  • Tomatoes

    Long ago, before the advent of agribusiness and genetic engineering, tomato cultivars were passed down from generation to generation, like precious family heirlooms -- hence the name "heirloom tomato." For a relatively small investment, you can grow your own heirloom tomatoes from seeds or seedlings. They don't look like the tomatoes you'll find at the grocery store, but you'll notice the difference when you bite down. There's nothing like a fresh heirloom tomato.

  • Plant Basics

    The basic needs of plants are simple - light and water. But maybe you have questions. Like is morning sun or afternoon sun better for my plant? Should the soil be dry to the touch before I water the plant? Do I need a bigger or smaller pot for my plant? What are the different parts of a plant called? Does my plant like the cold or the heat? What is photosynthesis anyway? How long should I expect my plant to live? We've got all the answers right here!

  • Plant Care

    Our Plant Care articles provide information about plant watering, feeding and fertilizing, grooming and training, things that can harm your plants, and how to create new plants from the ones you already have. We'll tell you about irrigation systems, watering tricks, and hand watering. You'll learn the difference between dry and liquid fertilizers, how to recognize the signs of a sick plant, and how to nurse your plant back to health. There's lots to discover in the plant care articles below!

  • Garden Design

    Maybe you have a big backyard, a balcony with a view, or a cozy indoor nook where you'd like to grow a garden. But where to start? Here you'll learn about things to consider when planning your garden, like types and sizes of containers, or combining colors and textures using different types of plants. We have garden recipes you can follow if you want to create a garden full of spring pastels, healing herbs, or beautiful leaves. At every step of the garden design process, we're here to help.

  • Cooks Corner

    Your garden is a bounty of sustenance and pleasure. A garden can provide food and healing herbs, it can be a place to spend time with your children, or it can be a refuge from your busy world. We're proud to offer a selection of recipes for cooking and grilling from your garden, and projects to do with your kids in and around the garden. You'll also find tips for entertaining, reading, and even sleeping in your garden.

  • Composting

    The secret to a beautiful garden is nutrient-rich soil. When it comes to healthy soil, you’ve already got the goods: kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. Here are some tips on how to get started and what products to use to turn your kitchen and yard waste into 100% natural fertilizer.

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