Compost Buying Guide


When choosing the ideal composter for your situation, ask yourself “How Much?”:

-How much organic material do I throw away every week?

-How much time would I be able to spend adding new material to and mixing my compost?

-How much space do I have available? Where will my composter live?

Do you have:

More Waste, More Space and some Free Time?

You might want to look into getting a composting bin such as the Garden Gourmet Composter. This composter allows you to throw all of your organic waste into the bin and let it decompose. Just turn the contents, using a compost aerator, every couple of days. This composter takes about 6 weeks to produce finished compost (you can speed up the process by using some compost accelerator) and it holds about 70 gallons.

More Waste and More Space and no Free Time?

We recommend the Earthmaker Composter. This composter has three separate chambers for the different stages of composting so that you don’t have to spend time mixing the compost. When you remove the panels, the finished compost slides down the chamber and you can add more at the top. This also allows you to make compost continuously without having to wait for one batch to finish before you put more material in.

More Waste and Less Space and no Free Time?

The Sun-Mar 200 Composter also allows you to produce compost continuously. Once the compost is finished, it automatically moves into an inner chamber inside the drum. From here, it can be removed and used in your garden. And all you have to do is turn the rotating drum about once every day.

Less Waste and Less Space and no Free Time?

A small compost tumbler, like the Back Porch Compost Tumbler, is a great choice. It’s small enough to fit into any space, even if the only outside space you have is a patio or a fire escape. Again, just rotate the drum once every day and the micro-organisms will do the rest.

Other helpful products for happier composting:

A bucket compost carrier, such as the Kitchen Compost Carrier, will allow you to store your kitchen waste until you are ready to move it to your composter. It features a charcoal filter that will prevent your kitchen from getting smelly.

The Countertop Kitchen Composter will take you one step further and actually start the composting process for you. It comes with Bokashi bran which has microbes that are beneficial to the composting process. This will produce liquid plant food. Then you can add the rest of the organic material to your composter when you’re ready.