Herbs And Flowers

A general overview of creative options

Herbs earn their windowsill space by being so useful, and half the fun of growing herbs is all the things you can do with them. That doesn't stop with flavoring your dinner.

The plants we commonly think of as herbs -- parsley, rosemary, and the other culinary flavorings -- are only the beginning. The lines have become so blurred that nearly any plant that has a use is included in someone's list of herbs.

Cosmetics, housekeeping helpers, fragrances, and decorations are only a few of the ways you can use herbs and flowers. Let's take a quick look at the major ingredients you can grow.

Spearmint: fragrant, fresh scented, invigorating, and cleansing, this mint is used in skin and hair care and in potpourri and sachets.

Peppermint: Like its cousin above, used in skin and hair care.

Lemon Verbena: A true lemon scent that lasts and lasts.

Roses: The old fashioned (and miniatures) are the most fragrant.

Lavender: Crisp, fresh scented, and cleansing; also long-lasting.

Rosemary: Especially good for hair.

Sage: Maybe you wouldn't choose it for fragrance, but it is good for your hair.

Chamomile: Sweet-scented and good for glowing skin and glossy hair.

Calendula: Another friend of your skin.