The Art of Flower Arranging

More than just sticking a flower in a soda bottle

If you love flowers and are keen on the idea of bringing them into your home, then why not try flower arranging! Arrangements can add style and dcor, as well as brighten up rooms and bring an aspect of nature into the home. With so many glorious varieties you can create stunning displays all year round and enjoy the colors, scents and textures they bring with them.

When buying flowers choose those still in bud whenever possible. Before arranging or placing into water, remove the leaves from the bottom of the stems and cut slantways to the desired length. Some hard-stemmed varieties, such as Roses, should be plunged into boiling water for a few seconds. Once arranged, remember to top up the water when necessary and to change it if it discolors.

Theres no need to feel that arrangements only look good in vases as this isnt the case. You can use whatever vessel you feel appropriate, be it a glass, bottle, basket, or bowl. For some arrangements you may need the flowers to stay totally in place (for instance if creating a table arrangement) and therefore using oasis to secure the stems is appropriate. Oasis can be easily cut to the shape and size required. If containers are too deep or if you want to add a decorative feature, they can be partly filled with pebbles or glass nuggets.

Arrangements dont have to be large or boost masses of flowers to be effective. Small and simple displays, and those using only one type of flower, are equally as beautiful. If it works well for you and looks good in your home, then stick with it!

The types of flowers available vary according to whats in season, so take advantage of this and experiment with different flowers throughout the year. Dont forget greenery as this can be added to an arrangement or used on its own to produce an evergreen-style display. Its not only fresh flowers that can be used dried flowers offer a great alternative and last much longer! Flowers with high perfume can add wonderful scent to your home, so why not produce a scent arrangement using flowers such as Lilies, Sweet Peas, Tulips and Wallflowers.

Whatever you do - be creative, have fun and enjoy the art of flower arranging!