Tools for Grilling

Basic overview of what tools youll need

Just as you wouldnt want to build a house without a hammer, nails, screws, wood, a saw, a drill and a level -- you dont want to try and grill without all the proper equipment. Get prepared to get equipt. You need a foundation in order to build a house and you need a grill in order to start grilling. See related articles to learn about grill options.

Thermometers: Some grills come with them attached. Or you can attach one. Or you can stick an oven thermometer into the grill, Or you can use an ordinary meat thermometer. As you can see, youve got options.

Long handled metal spatula, fork, basting brush and tongs: The long handle is key here, you dont want to be gettin burned. The spatula helps to flip burgers and fishes and can be used in conjunction with the tongs to turn larger pieces of meat and the fork to help spear vegetables, like corn-on-the-cob, to turn them. The basting brush is used to apply sauces.

Gloves, mitts or hot pads: We think you get the point here, dont burn yourself.

Spray bottle for water and baking soda: You need these in case you have a flare-up in the grill. Spraying plain water will keep small flames down. You can add the baking soda to the water to make it a little more effective as a flame retardant or you can just have a box nearby to throw on the flame in case it really gets out of control. Remember, baking soda doesnt taste so good, so move the food before turning into Smokey the Bear.

Hinged grill baskets: This useful item is great for fish, burgers and other meats that are likely to flake or fall apart. Remember, you want that blackened fish covered with spices, not charcoal.

Long handled skewers: Almost every culture has its form of meat-on-a-stick. Try experimenting with Asian satay or Mediterranean meat, fish and vegetable kabobs.