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Veggie Cuts

Shapes and sizes best for the grill

Artichokes: Halves, quarters, wedges. Parboil and marinate in pieces before grilling.
Carrots: Thick slices or sticks. Blanch before grilling
Celery: Whole stalks or sticks.
Corn: On the cob, with or without husks. Can also be cooked in foil or in husks on the grill, or directly in the ashes.
Cucumbers: Split or quarters; peeled, salted and drained.
Eggplants: Whole if very small, slices or halves if larger.
Fennel: Halves or slices; may be blanched to speed cooking.
Garlic: Whole heads; discard outer skin after cooking.
Jicama: Thin slices; interesting only if eaten immediately.
Leeks: Split if large, whole if small. May be blanched first if large.
Mushrooms: Cultivated: skewered through stem and cap; blanching helpful to prevent cracking. Wild: Sliced caps if large, skewered if smaller. Dried black (shiitake): soak, remove stems; grill whole caps.
Onions: Whole or halved; remove charred skin after grilling. Scallions: whole.
Peppers: Whole; remove charred skin, seeds, veins after cooking. May also be cut up raw for brochettes.
Potatoes: Parboil or steam, drain well, oil, and grill in quarters or slices.
Rhubarb: Whole stalks (best in spring).
Summer Squash: Whole if very small, split or sliced if larger.
Sweet Potatoes, Yams: Same as potatoes.
Tomatoes: Whole or thick slices. Skewer very small types.