Chain And Macrame Hangers

Attractive ways to hang your pots and baskets

Chain hangers are good for small plants that can be taken down and watered in the sink. Put the pot and saucer in first before hanging, keeping the pot centered for best support. Put a pie plate in the bottom of open baskets filled with sphagnum to catch drips. Use 4mm hemp cord or twine to make your own hanger.

You can also work in beads or interesting macram stitches to make the hanger unique. Cut 6 cords a yard or more long and tie them all into a sturdy double overhand knot at one end. Divide the cords into pairs. Measuring from that first overhand knot, tie square knots in each pair of cords, at a distance one inch larger than the radius of the bottom of the Pot. Then divide the pairs and make new pairs, shifting one piece of cord from each original pair clockwise. Tie another set of knots to come one inch below the top of the pot. Then, allowing space for your plants, tie all the cords together again in a square knot, and make a loop, securing it with a figure-eight knot.