Container Preparation

A checklist for preparing your container for planting

Here are some simple steps to prepare your container so that your plant feels comfortable in its new home.

  • Drainage Check: If you don't feel like there are adequate drain holes (at least a 1/2 inch diameter hole for each gallon of soil), make more.
  • Cleaning: Used pots and pots used for other purposes can harbor germs that can harm your plants. Get a wire brush (or a hardy sponge), a little bleach, and clean `em. Rinse well and rinse again.
  • Pre-soaking (clay pots): New clay pots need to be soaked for 20 minutes, or else they'll suck all the water out of your soil when you plant them.
  • Cover the drainage holes: Your objective is to let the water drain out but keep the soil in. Traditionally, people used broken china, pot pieces or gravel. These work okay, but they add weight and bugs can live in them. The best way to cover the holes is a little piece of screen, or a coffee filter.