Creative Ideas for Winter Containers

Avoiding emptiness and dead plants in winter

So whats the alternative to plastic flowers in a city where its too cold to keep anything alive in a container without wrapping it in so much burlap that it loses its aesthetic appeal?

Here are a few ideas

The wreath approach: Use evergreen branches, pine cones, dried flowers, dried herbs, etc. and pile them in a container. (Invest in some gold spray paint for that gilded Martha Stewart look.)

Zen Garden: Pour some sand, get a few rocks and a little rake and create a little rock garden.

Thanksgiving harvest: Create a cornucopia with dried corn stalks, gourds, blue corn. Throw in a little scarecrow for good measure.

Fake trees: Plant a fake mini-Christmas tree a seasonally appropriate alternative to fake flowers.

Grasses: Some ornamental grasses are actually quite lovely if left in the container for winter after theyve turned brown. Youll just need to plan ahead and grow them in summer so youll have them around when you need them.

There are lots of other ways to keep using your containers outside as a decorative addition, instead of an empty reminder of the passing of summer. Use your imagination and create a world of your own.