Horticultural Dos And Don'ts

Container issues that will effect the health of your plant


  • Choose plants that like the same lighting conditions - shade lovers with other shade lovers, sun worshippers with their kin.
  • Group plants with the same soil and watering requirements into the same container. Mix them and one plant is bound to get too much or too little of what it needs.
  • Remember that plants in containers need more frequent watering than those in the ground. Check small containers at least twice a day.
  • Make sure that your pots can drain freely so the roots don't sit in soggy soil. YOU may water them correctly - but Mother Nature may give them more rain than they are comfortable with unless the plants have drainage.
  • Remember that the soil in your container will lose all of its nutrients quickly. Feed your plants lightly as needed.
  • Remember that some plants are heavier feeders than others.


  • Put a plant that requires lots of nutrients in with plants that prefer a lean, poor soil.
  • Overlook the usefulness of mulch, both in making your container look attractive and in helping conserve moisture and keeping roots cool in the baking summer sun.
  • Cram the container so full that the roots of your plants have no room to expand.
  • Plant tender perennials that will need to come inside during cold weather in containers too heavy to move.