How To Get Started

6 things to know to make your urban garden work

1. Determine your budget. [give ballpark figures for prices of plants, fertilizers, etc.]
2. Measure your area for pot types and sizes etc.
3. Determine the sunlight in your space [shade, partial shade, sun, partial sun] (See: Dr. Botnic - Basic Understanding of your Environment)
4. Look at your local Nursery for plants. Ask people in the nursery to recommend plants which work well all year round in your climate.
5. Think about your main objective - is it accessible and cheap herbs for dinner? Fragrant flowers to transport you back to Grandpa's farm in Georgia? Simple, homegrown veggies for meals?
6. Buy the basics: A good potting soil which has the mix needed for your particular plant. A good starting fertilizer (Osmocote) to put at the bottom of the plant when planting.