Inspiration Gallery: Beautiful Leaves

Heuchera, lavender, brachyscome, dusty miller & bacopa in a window box


  • 1 Heuchera 'Palace Purple'
  • 2 Lavender
  • 2 Blue Brachyscome Daisies
  • 2 Senecio cineraria (Dusty Miller)
  • 2 Blue Bacopa

Container: 30" window box

Light needs: Tolerates partial to full sun

Planting: Place the Heuchera in the center of the box, with a lavender on either side towards the back. Place a Brachyscome in the center of each end of the box. Add the Senecio to the front of the box between the Brachyscome and the lavender. Then place the Bacopa at the front of the box between the Senecio and the Heuchera.