Privacy Intrusion

How to keep out those prying eyes

Living in the city or suburbs these days, with cluster home developments and small lot zoning, can make for quite an up close and personal view of your neighbors. Although togetherness can be nice, there are times when we all wish we could get a little more privacy.

Plants provide a friendly alternative to putting up walls or fences to block out unwanted glances, while still letting the light shine through.

There are many ways you can use plants for privacy:

  • Let vines climb fences or trellises to create a green wall of leaves.
  • Put several containers of tall plants in a row to create a living fence.
  • Put upright plants in window boxes or trailing plants in hanging baskets to provide a gentle screen for any window.
  • Use tall evergreen shrubs that keep their leaves year-round to block the view through the winter months.

    Take advantage of the portability of plants in containers to improve your privacy. Not only can container plants be wheeled about, but you can hang them and unhang them, even use a pulley to raise and lower hanging plants.