Styles Of Containers

The many shapes and sizes containers can take

When someone says container gardening, most of us think of pots. But that's just the beginning. Think of all the great places where a plant would look good and someone has undoubtedly created a container that will work there. Does your balcony look "blah"? Hanging baskets can work miracles. Do your windows look wishy-washy? Make them sparkle with flower-filled window boxes.

If you need to hide an ugly spot on the wall, plastic grow bags can cover a multitude of sins while looking extravagantly lovely - and they're cheap! And if you want something really extravagant looking, huge and still manageable, wire frame moss baskets can't be beat.

You can even plant vertically, using living wall modules - just imagine a wall covered with flourishing flowers and greenery. Talk about creating a garden feature!

But pots are still the mainstay of a container garden. Use them, add a few of the other interesting containers available today and you can tuck a veritable garden of Eden onto even the smallest balcony. Because if you're like most gardeners, there is always just one more plant you absolutely must have. With today's versatile container options (and a strong shoehorn) - maybe you can!