The Neighbors

People - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

You live in a world with other people. Some folks find that a comforting thought. Others wish everyone else would just go away. Whatever your take on the human race, the fact remains that what you do affects the lives of other people. And any human action, like the choice to make a garden, must be made only after considering its effect on your fellow citizens.

When planning your garden ask yourself these questions:

  • Could my garden be considered an "eyesore" or be offensive to anyone?
  • Will I be home enough and have time to keep my garden attractive?
  • Will the plants I've chosen attract any unwanted wildlife to the area that could cause problems for others?
  • Do other people in my building have room for their plants, too?
  • re my plants blocking access to other apartments?
  • Will my plants block the sun in my neighbor's garden, patio, or window?
  • Being considerate of your neighbors doesn't mean you have to send out a survey and consult everyone nearby whenever you plant a seed. (That would be silly, and odds are pretty good you'd never get that seed planted.) But it does mean you should be thoughtful, and include the "human element" in your garden plans.