Wire Frame Moss Baskets

For a burst of color and variety

If you really want to make a huge horticultural splash, this is your chance. Wire frames for moss baskets can be found quite easily in sizes almost four times as large as the largest hanging pot you can buy.

Basically what they are is what the name says - a wire frame that is stuffed with sphagnum moss around the edges for a nice natural look, and then filled with dirt for planting. You can also use coco-fiber liners in place of sphagnum moss.

Poke your plants through the holes in the wire and through the moss into the dirt, and what you get is a hanging creation that is blooming all over - top, bottom and sides!

Needless to say, moss is really porous, so this means a lot of watering. Or you can save yourself some time by adding a good handful of polymer crystals that retain water to the dirt before you plant. They are real saviors that have prevented many a plant from gasping and dying of thirst.

A less expensive alternative is to line the moss with newspaper before putting in the dirt. It's an extra hole to poke, but your plants will be happier. The basket is also less likely to drip all over when watered if you use either of these techniques.


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