Glass, China, And Ceramic

Three beautiful alternatives

Unless you own a masonry drill and are very brave, you may want to use the many glass and ceramic containers out there as cache pots rather than actual planting containers. Since they have no pores they hold water very well - a condition most plants object to. However, if you're lucky enough to find some with built-in drainage holes go for it - as long as you plan on bringing the containers inside in the event of freezes. They shatter really quickly when the wet soil begins its expansion/contraction act. In fact, fragility is the biggest drawback to these materials.

But if you're looking for a wide variety of styles in a huge variety of price ranges - here they are! Whatever your color and style preference, from unadorned simplicity to unabashed kitsch you can find something in glass, china, or ceramic with ease.

Clear glass is fun for growing bulbs in - you can watch the roots grow along with the top. Most containers, however, are opaque. They tend to reflect rather than absorb the sun, which means plants will enjoy nice, cool root runs. Best of all, most of these containers are relatively lightweight - a boon if you love to play musical plants with your pots.