Mixing Your Own Soil Mixtures

Choosy mothers choose mix - or mix their own

If you've got the work-space, time, and interest, mixing your own growing media can be cheaper than buying pre-mixed commercial blends - plus it'll come in handy if you find you need to adjust your mix to meet your plants needs.

Every container mix should include the following components:

  • organic materials to hold water (e.g., peat moss, compost)
  • coarse textured inorganic materials for air space and drainage (e.g., sand, perlite, vermiculite)
  • nutrients (e.g., NPK fertilizer, limestone, blood/bone meal, compost)

A simple lightweight blend is 1 part organic, 1 part inorganic, with a splash of nutrients. As with everything in gardening - don't be afraid to experiment. Your plants will let you know if they like the mix.

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