Plant Origins And Characteristics

Alpines, Mediterraneans, Tropicals, etc.

Often you will see plants referred to as alpines, rock garden plants, bog plants, Mediterranean or tropical plants. All of these terms describe are the conditions that the plant grows in naturally - as opposed to in a container in your garden - and give insight as to the plant's environmental preferences.


Alpine: Plants that do well at high altitudes and in woodland conditions. Since their native condition is in rocky mountain soil, they will do best in your garden with excellent drainage and good air circulation.

Rock garden: Plants are similar to alpines, although many people use the term to refer to any small plants that will do well in small pockets of soil in rocky conditions.

Bog: Plants that grow best in swampy, boggy conditions. In other words, they enjoy wet feet and require a lot of moisture.

Mediterranean: Plants that grow naturally on windswept, barren hillsides in full sun. They do not like rich soil, and do well in relatively dry conditions.

Tropical: Plants that like growing in very warm climates and hate cold. They may be perennials in Venezuela, but in the northern US they are often treated like annuals - enjoyed for a year then discarded.