Types Of Container Materials

What your containers are made of

A pot's a pot - right? And it doesn't really matter what it's made of, as long as it holds dirt - right?

Wrong. While all pots will hold plants, some are better than others, some more attractive than others, and some, while downright ugly, are indispensable. (You just have to hide them!)

A lot depends on the climate you live in, because some materials may look strong and then shatter into a thousand pieces with the first freeze. The kind of plants you'll be planting may also make a difference, as some like to live in swampy environments and will want containers that retain moisture; others prefer to pretend they are in the desert and want pots that breathe.

And, if you like container gardening because of its portability, a lot depends on your brute strength. Container materials vary from featherweights to a tonnage guaranteed to cause hernias.

And then, of course, there is personal preference. You're going to like the look of some materials, and hate others. (Your neighbor may have quite the opposite tastes.) And finally, there is your budget. Some materials are for champagne budgets only, while others can be as cheap as - well. . . free!