Wind Conditions

Too much breeze and what to do about it

When the weather gets windy, there are two things you need to watch out for as far as your plants are concerned: Soil drying out, and plants being knocked over or broken.

Prolonged wind (especially hot, dry wind) will cause plants to need more water as wind contributes to the evaporation of water from within plants and from within soil.

Depending on the climate and location of your garden, if prolonged windy days are the norm, then you will probably have to water a bit more frequently, or you may want to build a windbreak (out of other plants or some simple materials) to help your plants thrive.

Plants in pots are very vulnerable to damage if their containers fall over. So make sure your pots are well secured, or heavy enough to withstand moderate winds, so you don't have to worry about them toppling under normal weather conditions.

If severe weather occurs, watch your plants for signs that they are taking a beating by the wind. If so, do what you can by bringing them inside, moving them, or creating a wind shelter for them. (Paying attention to the weather forecast and taking care of your plants before the storm hits will make your life a lot easier - and less messy.)

While wind can cause all sorts of problems for plants, moderate winds can also be good for a plant by helping with pollination, and the removal of dead leaves. So don't try and eliminate wind completely, just protect your plants from damage or drying out.