The Loveliness of Wood

When it comes to plant containers, the loveliness of wood is beautiful, displaying a rich, natural appeal. Undoubtedly, wood is timeless in a way that other materials are not, hearkening back to a bygone era. Wood planters and window boxes have become more popular lately, providing an eco-friendly ambiance, particularly when constructed from barn wood or reclaimed wood. Yet, some of the most beautiful wood material is redwood and cedar, partially due to their rich grains. But each of these woods have benefits as well as beauty.

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Benefits of Wood

Redwood and Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, with a lengthy durability and user life. In addition, both woods resist bugs, deterring infestations that can occur in softer wood. Wood planters and boxes can complement a home's exterior, depending on style and home design. Plus, wood planters can create a cohesive design theme with trellises and shutters for your home's exterior. Wood is the perfect material to use for container gardening, too, as it does not contaminate plant life with chemicals that may 'irritate' grow patterns in some species. In fact, it's just one reason for not staining or painting a wood container, keeping them 'native' instead. If you choose to paint or stain wood, we recommend adding a liner to your planter as a protective barrier. Plastic liners will also extend planter life as well. Finally, wood planters keep plant roots cooler than other materials can.

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Gardening with Wood

When it comes to container gardening, wood is the perfect medium. Used in raised beds, they provide an eco-friendly environment as nature intended. Wood containers present a consistent look with the natural environment whether at ground level or set on legs for easy waist high gardening. Further, wood containers are also 'friendlier' to certain kinds of flowers and plants such as succulents and cactus. And since wood acts as a natural heat insulator, if you live in hot, dry climates, the soil (and therefore, roots) will stay cooler.

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Maintaining Your Wood Planters

If you leave your wood planters a la naturale, we recommend adding liners to reduce porous aspects of some wood. This prevents nutrients leaching away from the soil and into the wood. Liners also reduce likelihood of rotting over time. You may apply a waterproofing agent to your planter, instead. If you choose to paint or stain your planter, we suggest choosing something non-toxic. This will protect the wood longer while reducing or eliminating toxins that may affect plant growth. Make sure you have sufficient drainage, however. If you build your own wood planters, use rust-proof nails.

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