Extending your blooming season (tie-dye optional)

Maybe you've heard the term deadheading, but wondered when is the best time to do it, or exactly what it is.

Deadheading just means you'll be taking the blooms off your plants as they start to droop and wither. You can deadhead throughout the season as blooms die as well as after the blooming season for each plant.

Deadheading helps your garden in two ways. First, it helps get rid of old blooms which are drying out, making the garden look tidier. Second, it encourages your plants to bloom again, so you can get more color out of each plant.

After blooming, your plants are getting ready to produce seeds. You can get the plant to put its energy back into producing flowers by taking away the blooms.

On the other hand, if you have annual flowers you wish to reseed (for example, asters) then don't cut off their blooms.

As with pinching, you can snip the ends with garden shears or use your fingers. While deadheading, you may also want to remove dead or drying leaves and stems.

Soon, you may see some new buds appearing from your efforts.