How To Have Plants Shipped To You

What you should know about shipping (from your on-line shipping source)

Imagine you're a plant. You've lived your whole life in a nursery, cared for by wise professional plant counselors who've loved you as their own. Then one day you get dug up, wrapped in plastic, and shipped to a strange new home. Needless to say, you'd be a little stressed.

Fortunately, plants are tough - they get shipped all the time and still manage to grow up to be happy, well adjusted adults. A plant that is sent to you by mail has gone through exactly the same treatment as a plant sent to a store - up until the time you receive it. Then it's up to you to make sure you give it a proper welcome to its new home.

So what do you need to know?


  • Make sure the source is a good one. If your plant wasn't cared for by a wise professional before it got to you, odds are pretty good it won't thrive no matter how well you care for it. If you're not sure about the company, ask them to send you information about themselves.



  • Ask for a guarantee. If something happens during shipment (like damage to the stem or roots), or if the plant dies soon after planting you want to be sure the company will replace your plant or give you a prompt refund.



  • Know your planting season and have your plant sent as close as possible to the time you will be planting it.



  • If you think you won't be home when your plant should be arriving, ask a neighbor or friend to keep it in a cool place for you until you can take care of it. (No more than a day or so.)



  • When you get the plant, unwrap it and let its roots soak in lukewarm water for a while before putting it in a pot with a moist soil mix.