Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets w/ Coco Liner

Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets w/ Coco Liner

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Product Description

From the courtyards of Europe to the backyards of America, our metal wall planters serve up styling fit for a king. Each Half Moon Wall Basket Planter has lots of growing space, just like European planters of old. And with the coco coir liner that comes with each basket these wall planters not only convey charm but last a long time too. Compelling qualities of our Half Moon baskets include:

  • Superior flat steel manufacturing
  • Black vinyl coating for weather resistance
  • Natural coco liner comes with each order
  • Easy notched back mounting for installation and removal (hardware not included)
  • Replacement liners also available.

Set on patio walls out back to create a European garden, and mount on garage walls to create a cohesive theme. Be sure and check out compatible planter products in the same style including window box cages with coco liners and hanging baskets. In no time you'll have the old world charm you've been looking to create, boosting curb appeal in the process.

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Product Overview

Old World Charm in Half Basket Planters

Our Half Moon Wall Basket Planters evoke all the charm and casual elegance of days gone by, complete with soft coco fibers pillowed against the flat steel bands. Reminiscent of old world styling in European villages and cities alike, our Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets w/coco liner serve up just the right combination of elegance against outdoor walls, patios, and the like. Complete with a steel band on top that supports descending vertical bands that lead down to apex at the bottom, the eyes are drawn to what's in the basket as much as to the basket itself, creating the perfect symbiosis. And with the earthy organic appeal of the coconut coir, your plants will stay vibrant and healthy too.

Manufacturing Excellence

The scientific design and materials used to create these old world beauties are second to none, providing long-lasting metal wall planters for years to come. Made from premium grade flat steel, each band is made even more durable with their weather resistant black coating. This powder coat is baked on not painted, which ensures a more durable product extending the life of the planter basket itself. The powder coating resists rust, corrosion, chipping, and cracking, and won't fade either. Each cage back is constructed for easy mounting too so setting in place is a breeze. The natural coconut coir liner comes with the cage and replacements are also available. Coco coir helps plants thrive by trapping water for later use without rotting or drowning plant roots.

Coordinate Similar Products for Design Scheme

The Half Basket Planters look stunning in all kinds of garden environments while offering plenty of room for flowers and trailing vines to thrive. Available in several sizes, they can also be coordinated with similarly designed products, from hanging baskets to hayrack window boxes. This allows the homeowner to design the old world theme you've always wanted for exterior walls, windows and balconies. For additional information about the Half Moon Planter, call today and speak with a design specialist about your next project.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions

16-inch Wall Planter:
16"L x 8"Projection x 8"H

18-inch Wall Planter:
18"L x 10"Projection x 10"H

Half Moon Wall Planters are made with notches on the cage. Install in minutes using 2 bolts (sold separately). This will secure the planter wherever you choose to install it, but still allow for easy liner change outs.

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