Hanging Baskets and Flower Pots

If you're wondering how to use hanging planters, and if indeed this is the right solution for your project, rest assured that hanging flower pots are truly versatile and an affordable way to add beauty to your surroundings. Hanging flower pots and decorative hanging planters are convenient ways to add lovely gardens to small spaces or areas with little capacity for in-ground landscaping. Balconies, decks, concrete patios and courtyards are all great places to hang flower pots. Use them to add vibrancy, freshness and color to what would otherwise be a bare, dull area. You can also use hanging planter boxes to add even more interest and charm to in-ground landscapes in front or back yards. Place them on a porch that overlooks a walkway, or on a bracket posted on a mailbox.

Our collection of hanging planter boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs, so we're sure that you'll find something for the space you have in mind. Some of our more unique hanging plant holders include:

With a variety of sizes and designs available, finding the perfect planter for your gardening needs will be a breeze.

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Hanging Flower Pots for Any Space

Pots and planters hung from ceilings, balcony railings and walls are an easy and affordable addition to any garden. Hanging plant holders will add beauty and character to any environment they're placed in. Plus, with a wide range of sizes and shapes in our inventory, you will be able to find just the right combination of function and beauty to punctuate your landscaping space.

Sizes, Styles and Materials

As we carry hanging flower pots ranging from twelve to twenty-two inches in diameter, selecting a decorative hanging planter that best fits with the dimensions of your deck, balcony or yard is made very easy. Plus, our hanging flower pot collections come in variety of looks to match the decor of any home or garden. Find beautiful hanging baskets in vinyl, metal and ceramic materials crafted into a multitude of designs and styles that will match any decor.

Wrought iron hanging planters create an elegant look with their bold steel frames and classic black paint. County garden baskets carry the a special charm all their own. Painted ceramics evoke a sense of a coastal Mediterranean summer. A trio of our moss-covered cone hanging planters will add to any boho-inspired home. And if an eccentric air meets with your delight, a unique, whimsical hanging bird cage planter will be sure to please. So, no matter the look and feel you're going for, you'll find it here at Windowbox.com.

Don't Forget the Accessories!

Brackets, liners and long spouted watering cans should be a part of your hanging planter gardening kit. Brackets not only serve to provide a hook on which to hang your planters, depending on the style you choose, a they can add some old world charm, or, if modern is your thing, they can enhance a contemporary landscape.

Liners serve to protect your planter, and some, like coconut coir liners also add to the familiar look hanging flower baskets are known for. Not to mention they retain moisture so they help keep your plants happy. Speaking of healthy plants, watering them regularly is of course a must. Make this task easy by picking up one of our many beautiful long spouted watering cans! With the right length and angle, you'll easily be able to tip in some water to your thirsty plants.

Don't have the greenest of thumbs? Well, we've got you covered here as well. We carry a bevy of beautiful, hyper-realistic artificial plants and flowers. They go great in any style of hanging flower pot. Plus, they're a smart, convenient way to add all the freshness and beauty real plants give off, but without the time and effort, not to mention the worry about keeping them alive. Low maintenance greenery, grasses and blossoms for the win!

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Hanging Pots & Planters 101

What to Grow in Hanging Planters

If you're wondering what to grow in hanging planters, we think climbing and trailing plants are perfect for hanging plant holders. These allow climbers to stretch their vines with little worry of entanglement with other flora. Blooming flowers are also a favorite in the hanging basket category as they attract honeybees, butterflies and hummingbirds - lovely little wild things that will no doubt feel warmly invited when you plant nectar-rich or pollen-heavy blossoms just for them.

How do Hanging Planters Drain

Hanging baskets drain best when using a coco liner. Hanging coco liners have many benefits besides their natural attractiveness. These liners help retain water, yet, they prevent saturation that leads to root rot in the process. They do this by wicking water away from roots, allowing them draw moisture as they need it. This not only keeps plants healthier, it decreases the frequency of watering that is required. Liners should be replaced every 6-10 months, depending on your climate. We also carry an eighteen inch reservoir, or water well, that extends time between watering even longer. 18" reservoirs are designed to fit our 18" diameter hanging baskets»

If you have any questions about our hanging flower pots, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-GARDEN-BOX